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Full Movie: My Lesbian Fantasies Vol. 48

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Full Movie: My Lesbian Fantasies Vol. 48

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My Lesbian Fantasies Vol. 48

Scene 01 "Yoga pants ass worship" Nikky Thorne - Christina Ventura

Christina and I just came back from the gym, and we are both pretty sweaty and extremely horny. After a short kiss I start to smell and caress Christina's yoga pants. But I want more, I want to completely lick and clean her sweaty and dirty asshole.

I remove her pants, and lick every piece of sweaty ass, in different positions. Christina orgasm over and over, and I enjoyed every second of licking her ass.

Scene 02 "Under the blanket sex with Minnie" Nikky Thorne - Minnie Manga

I am having horny sex with my friend Minnie under the blanket.. We both scream from pleasure as we finger each other to orgasm..

Scene 03 "Foot and ass worship" Nikky Thorne - Minnie Manga

You enter the scene....all dressed up in that hot leather....wearing that real hot high heels!!

Your lady is stunned by your outfit.....but she has a great desire for foot fetish...and especially your feet!! You notice that!! And you like that!

You allow her to lick your hot leather pants down to your heels! You allow her to take off your heels!! Your feet are very sweaty but smell so great!! She can't resist anymore and you permit her to hard core worship your feet! Tongue between your toes, sole licking...everything!! You start to massage her cheeks with your hot feet!

But it is not enough, I need to taste Minnie's ass, so I remove her leather outfit to get a clear shot at her crack. Then she takes her revenge licking my ass.

Released:Mar 12, 2019
Length:45 min

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