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Full Movie: My Lesbian Fantasies Vol 19

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My Lesbian Fantasies Vol 19

Scene 01 (Nikky Thorne - Nesty) "Stripno Therapy "

A married couple comes into my offices with a delicate problem. They love each other endlessly, but the man has big fetish for strippers, and his wife will not strip for him. I very soon diagnose that she has a shyness which is the root of the problem. I have a solution, but they will have to accept that I put the wife in a state. I am allowed to do this, and I the wife from her shyness.

But to my surprise, she still will not strip, and just stand still. So I also diagnose a shyness for dancing, but I have a solution for her problem. I start stripping in front of her, and with a strict order to follow my every move and action. I strip until I am nude, and I tell the lady to follow my moves. The problem is solved, and the wife start to strip for her man (and me) and we soon end up making out on the couch, while I rub my pussy. I get so hot by watching her strip! I start to worship her tits, and suck the nipples. I am a very happy marriage counselor, with now a very happy married couple.

Scene 02 (Nikky Thorne - Nesty - Daniella Rose) "Plumbers helper"

My "bitches" Nesty and Daniella are borrowing my apartment, but they are so stupid and broke my sink! So they called a plumber, and are faced with a bill they can't pay. I try to solve this with the plumber, and offer him that these girls can do whatever he wants. I use my stick to bring the girls in a trance, and the plumber tell them to strip.

Daniella and Nesty start stripping in front of the plumber and me, and we are really enjoying the view. But the plumber wants more, and use the stick on me as well, and bring me into trance. Maybe we should call it "stripnotize"?

We are 3 sexy girls, and we all take of fabric after fabric until we are completely nude. The plumber must have got his money worth and even more with the sight of us! We are kissing passionately, and touching each other with caressing hands. We exchange passionate eye contact even while we are in trance. The plumber are looking at us with horny eyes as we are teasing him with our perfect bodies and sexy looks..

Scene 03 (Nikky Thorne - Minnie Manga) "The thief"

I am making a TV appearance and having a baking class. But it is time for a break, and we want to go out for a lunch. Minnie is the assistant producer, and she takes her chances while we go out to eat to try stealing my recipes. When I get back, I can see the recipes in her back pocket. I ask if she wants to go to jail, because this is stealing.

She apologizes very quickly, but I am still very angry with her, and tell her that the only way to avoid me not sending her to jail, is if she does as I say! She tries to talk her way out of it, but realizes that it is "My way or the jail".

So I tell her what I want her to do, and she needs to strip for me. She really don't want to do this, but I tell her there is either me watching her naked, or the big fat prison guards. So she carefully removes a few clothing's, but seems to have a problem with her underwear. She don't want me to see her ass, but again I tell her it is either me or the guards. I start touching her ass, and spank her a little. When she gets all nude I sit and admire her, and tell her that as soon as we are done shooting I will have my way with her and eat her pussy!

If she refuses, I know there is a lot of big ugly prison guards who would love to eat or fuck her pussy!

Released:Nov 28, 2018
Length:47 min

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